Wireless & Mobility

There’s an increasing demand for mobility; “Wireless entitlement” we call it here at iQSG. Among consumers, customers, employees, there is an expectation that secure, reliable and high speed wireless access should be available everywhere and on demand.

Creating a digital workplace for your employees

Deploying a corporate enterprise wireless network can present challenges and complexities. But don’t let the demands for “bring your own everything” (BYOx), voice and video as well as an increased number of devices per user (+ the task of delivering a quality wireless experience) become daunting. We’re here to help. Even eliminate desk phones and enable collaboration and conferencing on mobile devices.


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Secure wireless networking


Mobility for customers and guests

Today consumers all want wireless access that is secure, quick, reliable and accessible. Wireless access is no longer just considered a privilege or a “nice to have” – for most people today, it is an entitlement. Are you ready for #GenMobile?

Give your customers a dynamic landing page that monitors web usage, provides marketing offers and gives you analytics into customer behavior.

Secure and reliable networking solutions for enhanced customer experience

Secure Access for guests with your organization’s security in mind

As a provider of guest services it is also important to protect the data and information traveling across your wireless network. With today’s more sophisticated intrusion methods and types of mobile users attempting to access the network, advanced network authentication and monitoring is essential.

Built-in data encryption and wireless intrusion protection let you process retail transactions securely and confidently.

Mobile Customer Experience solutions

Wireless Networking Options for Businesses

Make your sales floor smarter

Insights into your Customer’s behaviors and habits. Capture conversion rates, know what sites and products customers are browsing and understand shoppers path thru the store. Would it be nice to see each time Amazon beats your price by 5%?

Leverage data from your Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide more responsive in-store customer service wherever it’s needed. And sales associates who work wirelessly can securely use point-of-sale and inventory apps on any mobile device anywhere in the store.

Innovation in wireless technologies continue to advance in speed, access, security and customer experience. iQSG will partner with you to ensure you have the best strategy to move beyond.

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