Storage Assessment

iQSG’s Storage Readiness Assessment ensures you control cost, reduce risk, manage the change correctly and implement the best solution for your business and your customers.

Optimizing storage resources is essential to controlling the cost of data growth. iQSG’s Storage Assessment provides in-depth reports and recommendations for improving storage efficiency, performance, and availability. Findings are linked to your specific risks and benefits—so you can scale your storage systems to successfully serve the growing needs of your business, address your heterogeneous data center environment and provide the information and recommendations you need to make an informed decision.

While storage experiments and greenfield projects may be easy, revamping and/or moving business critical applications and entire data centers can put a strain on resources (human and technology). Storage initiatives will suffer undesired results if not properly evaluated and planned.

iQSG has the experience, resources and tools to help IT teams, system integrators and consultants to properly prepare for these complex projects faster and more efficiently.

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