Uptime of critical IT systems is crucial in the retail atmosphere. iQSG assists Clients in this vertical by providing secure and flexible solutions in both corporate and branch locations. As seen in the proliferation of online shopping, retail stores turn to many forms of technology to accomplish their end goal; revenue and growth. If you are in pursuit of ensuring wireless capabilities for on the floor check-out, maintaining a secure Ecommerce platform with quick functionality or backing up sales data on premise or in the cloud, we can help. Through these initiatives below we will assist in strengthening back and front end processes, utimately leading to a better customer experience. Some of our popular solutions related to the retail industry are listed below.  


Complete IT Retail Solutions

Network and Security:
  • Strong web based security offerings keep online transactions safe, secure and compliant
  • Dynamic load balancing allows critical applications to rapidly scale to meet fluctuating demands
  • In-store Wi-Fi increases customer engagement improving the in-store shopping experience
  • Mobile PoS frees staff from registers so they can freely interact with customers and influence sales
  • Reliable, scalable & centrally managed branch network solutions reduce costs and improve sales
  • Proximity driven mobile marketing delivers a new way to interact with customers
  • DDoS mitigation keeps your e-commerce apps running even while under attack
  • Secure remote access to key applications such as e-mail, finance, and ERP, from any standard Web browser
  • Ecommerce security and load balancing
  • Converged infrastructure alternatives
  • Scale IT architecture up or out for future growth
  • Store in a Box solutions inclusive of Mobility Services, PCI Compliance, POS Services, Video, Analytics and Content Caching)
Data Storage:
  • Solutions to support all major ERP and retail applications
  • High availability always on technology storage Efficiencies & data protection of applications for QA & Dev / Test environments
  • Business continuity solutions for always on computing
  • Mobility architecture removing boundaries by extending phone features from the office to the store via wireless or wired solutions
  • PCI compliant phone integrations using standards base connectivity reducing costs and increasing ROI
  • Instant messaging, screen sharing, web and video conferencing, and shared workspaces - on premises or in the cloud
  • Contact centers - Dial plans with unattended attendants
  • Reduction in long distance through inter office dialing
Customer experience:
  • In-store Wi-Fi increases customer engagement improving the in-store shopping experience
  • In-store push notifications to your customers about their favor products
  • Location aware mobile apps to locate and identify products quickly

Specialized Cloud Services  

Video as a Service:

  • Reduce travel for internal and external meetings
  • Accelerated design and development 
  • Training for staff 
  • Optimize the supply chain with forecasting as well as timelier inventory checks and balances
  • Easily bring in specialists and experts for design collaboration, floor plan development and training

Infrastructure as a Service:

  • Ensure secure backup and recovery in the cloud
  • Disaster recovery solutions to support business continuity and compliancy
  • Storage replication as a service for Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud gateways solutions for backup and archiving in the Cloud
  • Virtual Compute to run Test & development workloads in the Cloud
  • DR as a Service 

Unified Communications as a Service:

  • Flexible and scalable contact centers 
  • Increase productivity for end-users, IT staff and the enterprise as a whole by providing anytime, anywhere access to telephony features for mobile workers

Wireless as a Service:

  • Cloud based wireless network management for support of multi-site deployments
  • Always on remote access from any device on any network



If you are unsure where to start, contact iQSG for a list of our needs and readiness assessments. Through iQSG’s consultative approach we can help determine what the best direction for your business is.