With experience and success assisting the manufacturing vertical, we’ve helped Clients strategically align business needs with a strong IT platform. Large-scale buildings and massive establishments create intensive IT demands. Through a consultative approach we devise custom architectural designs. Let us do the work and make you look like the expert. 

Complete IT Manufacturing Solutions

  • Safeguarding of customer and employee data
  • Evolution and framing of current security posture
  • Protection against Denial of Service and ransomware attacks
  • Secure access for BYOD and guest wireless access
  • Guest network access to enable guests to support collaboration with third party contractors
  • Enable secure BYOD for employees and visitors / guests
  • Enable wireless PLC solutions and devices such as scanners and barcode readers
Video Surveillance:
  • Secure reliable network architecture to maintain the convergence point in supporting mission critical apps
  • Physical security
  • Inventory control & shrinkage control
  • Compliance
  • Secure access and network segmentation
  • Support for PLC specific networks and production line communication
  • Malware and Data Loss Prevention solutions to help protect key data and information
  • Site wide wireless networking solutions for the floor as well as warehouse applications
  • Understanding and support of legacy network topologies and protocols
Data Storage:
  • Solutions to support ERP Manufacturing solution from SAP, Sieble, Oracle, Epicor etc
  • Storage Consolidation and tiering
  • High Availability always on technology for business critical ERP Applications
  • Storage Efficiencies & Data Protection of ERP applications for QA & Dev/ Test environments
  • Backup and Recovery solutions
  • Business Continuity Solutions
  • Reduce TCO with converged infrastructure alternatives
  • Scale your IT architecture up or out for future growth
  • Elasticity with flexible solutions
  • Mobile workstation to allow employees to connect to their desk while on the floor
  • Traveling employees are able to access voicemail; text to voice, voice to text
  • Collaboration with instant messaging, screen sharing, web and video conferencing, and shared workspaces
  • Contact center systems to allow for efficient call processing and routing

Specialized Cloud Services  

Video as a Service:

  • Reduce travel for internal and external meetings
  • Accelerated design and development 
  • Optimize the supply chain 
  • Easily bring in specialists and experts for product design collaboration, floor plan development and training
  • Remote diagnostics to solve problems quicker and less costly 
  • Conduct training on compliancy and safety
  • Optimize the supply chain by partnering with now accessible partners

Infrastructure as a Service:

  • Ensure secure backup and recovery in the cloud
  • Disaster recovery solutions to support business continuity and compliancy
  • Storage replication as a service for disaster recovery

Wireless as a Service:

  • Cloud based wireless network management for support of multi-site deployments
  • Always on remote access from any device on any network

If you are unsure where to start, contact iQSG for a list of our needs and readiness assessments. Through iQSG’s consultative approach we can help determine what the best direction for your business is.