Video Collaboration

Researchers have focused studies on the role of verbal and non-verbal communications.

Some reports indicate that nearly 80 percent of communication is non-verbal.

To optimize understanding and comprehension a human visual element is required; enter the need for video conferencing.

Video conferencing solutions providing


Video Conferencing for Businesses: Human collaboration & the power of people

iQSG has helped many businesses realize the benefits associated with Video Conferencing.

We offer various solutions to meet your business needs; immersive telepresence, room-based designs, mobile cart systems, recording and streaming, conferencing infrastructure and end-point systems, inclusive of both mobile and desktop video conferencing solutions.

The impact that Video collaboration can have on an organization is tremendous.

When a complimentary audio and visual solution is needed, iQSG can help architect a design uniquely for your space. The combination of audio visual integration lends for an remarkable collaboration room.


Why choose video collaboration for business communications?

How will you empower your people?

Enable decision makers and key personnel to conference with colleagues, vendors, patients and their clients to enhance productivity and promote Team collaboration to solve business problems and improve customer care.

Work where it’s most convenient with access to HD voice and video collaboration from your home office, or from most any mobile device.

Engage with a more captive audience.

Lower carbon footprint and support your corporate “green” initiative.

Interested in expanding your video collaboration potential?

Video Conferencing Solutions for Businesses