Unified Communications

Harmonize conversation for idea sharing, content creation and increased productivity.

Empower your teams with a harmonized unified communications and collaboration experience. One that synchronizes all your technologies into a seamless, unified communications platform, and weaves communications capabilities directly into the way your business operates. By Partnering with iQSG, we can help you accomplish this objective to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

examples of unified communications platforms

Benefits of a unified communications experience:

  • Presence – know if a colleague is available to speak or instant message
  • Click to Call
  • Integration of Voicemail with Email – Unified Messaging
  • Click to Video
  • Mobility Client for SmartPhone
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Audio / Web Conferencing
  • SoftPhone
  • Contact Center
  • Speech to Text
  • Follow Me call redirect 

The result of leveraging unified communications is a transformation of your enterprise collaboration potential that amplifies collective effort, energizes your virtual teams and dramatically improves business performance. No matter the phase you are in exploring Unified Communications for your enterprise, iQSG can help in the following ways:

Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions