Security and Compliance

At each stage of the security lifecycle, iQSG can assist – regardless of your industry. We offer proactive risk assessments and post-incident consulting for all stages of security and compliance concern.

Be confident in your network security profile.

Protecting against a network security breach

Have you been breached?

Does your staff clearly understand threats and their roles and responsibilities during an attack?
Mitigate and repair critical incidents then build solutions to address causes and weak spots.

top network security risks and solutions

Are  you at risk?

Does your staff have the training they need to respond effectively and efficiently when incidents arise?
Pin point weaknesses before an attacker does and create tactics to decrease breach response times and impact.

Compliance risk assessment and consulting

Are you prepared?

Do you have a clear process for rapidly responding to potential data breaches?
Assess locations of potential compromise and improve your defense posture.

Security and compliance solutions for networking systems

Are you Protected?

Do you have the hardware and software to protect and respond across your full enterprise to maintain compliancy?
At times compliant isn’t enough. Extend protection to include changing tactics and tools of advanced attackers.

Are you being deceptive or deceived?

Deception based technologies have been labeled a cool technology and must watch. Protecting your edge is imperative but in the event of a breach, rest easy knowing that hackers will trip alarms in your environment and not access your “real” environment. A technology that has no false positives, Attivo networks and iQSG can help shed light on Deception Based Technologies.

Your concerns: Our Services to assist

iQSG network security and HIPAA-compliant solutions

Being proactive is your best defense:

Secure Infrastructure

Architect a network built with intelligence to stop threats.

  • Implement best firewall protection
  • VPN
  • Software defined networks
  • High-performance network security
  • Integrated real-time threat intelligence

iQSG helps remediate blindspots:

Adaptive Defense Solutions

Solutions protect against Advanced Persistent Threats

  • Threat intelligence
  • SIEM
  • SSL Decryption
  • Agile, flexible, and deeply integrated architecture
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Proprietary technology from our strategic partner

Email Protection in the Cloud – beyond antivirus and spam filters

Spear phishing attacks as well as malicious file attachments and URLs in emails are used to launch an advanced cyber attacks. These email attacks routinely bypass email security that uses conventional signature-based defenses such as antivirus (AV) and spam filters.

iQSG offers a solution that will detonate and analyze suspicious email attachments and embedded URLs and block malicious activity to enhance email security. Email Threat Prevention Cloud (ETP) is a complete, off-premise email security solution with no hardware or software to install.

Email Security and Cloud Information Protection Solutions

Security Assessment
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Wireless Networking Assessment


Protect against malware with intelligent switching

As malware attacks evolve and grow more insidious, conventional anti-malware products have difficulty defending against them. Our recommended solution delivers superior cloud-based protection, scanning ingress and egress traffic for malware and indicators of compromise.

The platform employs a pipeline of technologies in the cloud to identify varying levels of risks, providing deep inspection, inline malware blocking, and actionable reporting.