The Network of “Tomorrow” is here – But are you working in “Today”?

The network of the future will focus around concepts of performance and throughput. It will need to support applications that require zero latency and it will be essential to have manageability and virtualization. The network security solutions of tomorrow will include always on access to critical data as well as applications and nothing less.

The days of silo’d, independent networking is near an end – at least the desire for it is. Having companies move from a traditional 3 tiered data center, to 2, and now even some flat architectures reaches the desire for ease and quickness of response as well as automation.

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Don’t rely on network solutions of the past. Journey on the path to the future.

Our networking architects are seeing network upgrades on many IT wish lists for 2017.  The reason being outdated infrastructure and a need for network management, updated switch and route as well as built in security functions.

iQSG provides network design, implementations and simplified management for heterogeneous network infrastructures through open standards based monitoring and management platforms. If your network is in need of a refresh, iQSG has a best of breed solution to meet your current needs as well as scale to meet future growth. Our solutions which include Juniper Networks Carrier grade switch and route feature a comprehensive management tool through JUNOS Space.

For each client, iQSG architects a network that continually looks at this ever changing atmosphere of infrastructure including:

  • Compliance
  • Security
  • SDN – Software defined networking
  • Ease of Management
  • Investment protection
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability

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With our track record, experience and strategic vendor relationships, we sell market leading products helping to deliver the best return on your infrastructure investment.

new-york-748595_1920Through our designated approach we design complex networks for various industry verticals. We’ve completed large refreshes of enterprise environments as well as supported mid-market and enterprise upgrades. The 6-step process from discovery to testing, coupled with our consultative approach with all client is an ideal prelude into a successful finished project.

Not sure where to begin? We offer comprehensive Network and Infrastructure Assessments to get you going in the right direction

If you have concerns that your aging infrastructure may be lacking security leaving you vulnerable for attacks, we can provide detailed compliance risk assessments to find weak spots as well as suggest and implement resolutions.
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