Wireless as a Service

Your Wireless as a Service (WaaS) Provider.

Built on a foundation of deployment simplicity, maximum performance, reliability, context awareness & centralized management.

We successfully deliver managed Wireless Mobility Services to our Clients anywhere in the world. By turning to iQSG to host and manage your Wireless Environment, you can expect to avoid significant capital costs associated with a premise based solution. Our WaaS service offers an SLA to your business, allowing you to focus on your daily operations, while leaving the management of your Wireless LAN to our Team.

Mobility LR & Wireless as a Service Provider

Multiple levels of Data Security.

Integrated wireless intrusion protection, rogue detection and isolation, and automatic threat mitigation. Policy Enforcement Firewall collects and analyzes contextual information – user, device, location, time and applications – to enforce network access. And HTTPS connections, mutual authentication and unique certificates.

Application visibility and analytics.

Optimize your network performance with application-level intelligence and web URL classification offered by a dedicated AppRF dashboard. Leverage the app-specific traffic insight to define and enforce granular access policies.

Aruba WaaS Wireless as a Service Provider Columbus Ohio


Bird’s eye into your network.

Depending on your requirements, iQSG will design a solution to support the standard transport of data communications over the WLAN, or we may need to architect a solution to support critical applications such as Voice or Video of your WLAN.

Agnostic solution.

Our offering allows for any branded AP to be cloud ready and managed for branch locations or controller-managed in larger sites. No longer is a separate Wi-fi architecture needed.

Innovation in wireless technologies continue to advance in speed, access, security and customer experience. iQSG will partner with you to ensure you have the best strategy to move beyond.

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Fast network, resilient platform and the flexible architecture. What more could you ask for? Let us know below!