Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure natively integrates compute and storage into a single x86 based server deployed in scale-out clusters. It reduces power and space, and eliminates storage complexity. Built-in virtualization makes infrastructure truly invisible, shifting focus back to applications.

The C Suite is taking notice because of these benefits:

  • Lower Costs
  • Limiteless Scalability
  • Fastest Time to Value
  • Smallest Footprint
  • Time for IT innovation

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Dealing with Today’s Enterprise IT Challenges

iQSG Data Center Infrastructure
IT is asked to do more, faster and at lower costs. They require new ways to rapidly deliver business applications and IT services while driving down overall TCO. Cost and complexity, IT working in Silos, no time for innovation…these are problems many CIO’s are facing with their team. Too much to manage and not enough resources. Minimizing the infrastructure stack gives teams back time for innovation, allows for spend to be spent on projects that will excel the company and comes with a great ROI. So how are organizations doing this?

Simplifying the Infrastructure Stack

The Cloud Platform is validated and integrates with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization solutions, offering IT a better experience.

This is how both large enterprises and even SMB organizations are utilizing this unique structure to get away from silo’d, independently thinking environments:

  • Server virtualization
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Cloud
  • Development and Test
  • Big Data
  • Remote and Branch Office
  • Data Protection
  • Unified Communication