In an environment that is ever changing and regulated, it’s important to have partners you trust will get the job done right. Through compliancy and strict guidelines, iQSG has proven to their Clients that their knowledge and adaptability lends to successful projects. Whether your project is a central location or spread through multiple branches, our consultative approach allows for collaboration and discovery. Let us do the work, and make you look like the expert.  

Complete IT Banking and Finance Solutions

Networking and Security
  • Strong web & application security enable mobile banking while protecting customer data
  • Dynamic load balancing allows critical applications to rapidly scale to meet fluctuating demands
  • DDoS mitigation keeps customer applications available even while under attack
  • Advanced network traffic monitoring & analysis helps meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Secure, reliable & centrally managed branch network solutions reduce costs and improve uptime
  • Advanced policy definitions offer the controls you need to handle dynamic new mobility workflows across wireless and wired
  • Create a central decision point to share contextual data with MDM/EMM, helpdesk, SIEM, threat-defense and other systems
  • Safeguarding of customer and employee data
  • Scalable for ever changing environment “agile IT”
  • Enabling deployment of applications on demand
  • Secure remote access to key applications such as e-mail, finance, and ERP, from any standard Web browser
  • High-speed networks for trading quickly and effectively
  • PCI compliant solution – Branch in a box
  • Ecommerce security and load balancing
  • Reduce TCO  with converged infrastructure alternatives
  • Scale your IT architecture up or out for future growth
Data Storage
  • Solutions to support all major Applications
  • High Availability always on technology for business critical Applications
  • Storage Efficiencies & Data Protection of applications for QA & Dev/ Test environments
  • Backup and Recovery solutions
  • Business Continuity Solutions for always on computing
  • Mobility architecture removing boundaries by extending phone features from the office bankers or advisors in remote offices
  • PCI Compliant phone integrations using standards base connectivity reducing costs and increasing ROI
  • Instant messaging, screen sharing, web and video conferencing, and shared workspaces - on premises or in the cloud.
  • Contact centers - Dial plans with unattended attendants
  • Reduction in long distance through inter office dialing

Specialized Cloud Services  

Video as a Service:

  • Collaboration – instant messaging, voicemail access - Accessibility anywhere at anytime
  • Mobile markets 
  • Contact centers to heighten customer and employee experience 

Infrastructure as a Service:

  • Elastic, flexible private cloud - scalable, carrier-grade network legacy applications, increase business flexibility 
  • Ensure secure backup and recovery in the cloud
  • Disaster recovery solutions to support business continuity and compliancy
  • Storage replication as a service for Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud gateways solutions for backup and archiving in the Cloud
  • Virtual Compute to run Test & development workloads in the Cloud
  • Burst capacity for meeting agile IT needsUnified Communications as a Service:

Unified Communications as a Service:

  • Unify messaging internally connecting people with information and shortened processes
  • Enable employees to work and collaborate anywhere encouraging team spaces and environments


If you are unsure where to start, contact iQSG for a list of our needs and readiness assessments. Through iQSG’s consultative approach we can help determine what the best direction for your business is.